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Moth Treatment & Removal

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The Common Clothes Moth is a hugely damaging insect that hides itself away in your cupboards, wardrobes and drawers. With reproduction, female clothes moth produces 30-200 eggs per sitting and the resultant larvae can decimate your clothing.

Moths like to emerge at night or in dark conditions in order to feed on your fabrics. Only natural fibres are eaten, yes, our favourite clothing materials like wool and silk. Anything containing Keratin may be attacked.

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Common Clothes Moths (Tineola Bisselliella)

Clothes Moths can usually be found on fabrics made from animals, furs, and products made from feathers. Although they are a much less popular household pest than previous years, they are still found globally (except in tropical regions), causing a nuisance for humans. Only the larval stage of a Clothes Moth causes damage. 

Clothes Moth Control

Simply using vacuum cleaners and keeping a good hygiene are highly successful ways to eliminate the larvae and their cases. To address any remaining larvae that may have been missed during vacuuming, photo-stable pyrethroids are effective to fully get rid of the pest. 

If you have valuable clothing/fabrics that you wish to protect from Clothes Moths, the use of pheromone traps can help detect the early presence of the Moths to control them before they become a bigger problem.

Case-Bearing Clothes Moths (Tinea Pellionella)

Similar to the Common Clothes Moth, there are Case-Bearing Clothes Moths which have similar visual characteristics. Its larvae feed on particles found in woollen clothing, furniture fillings, furs, and carpets, particularly those of natural animal origin.

These larvae envelop themselves in a silken case, often incorporating fragments of the food source. As they move, they carry this case with them, causing damage solely through consumption and not through significant silk webbing contamination, though some excrement may be present. Typically, there is only one generation per year, although adult moths may be seen during early summer and early autumn.


Warehouse Moths (Ephestia Elutella)

Found all across the UK, these Warehouse Moths are temperature moths primarily infesting foods. They are usually found indoors - specifically in warehouses, factories, and buildings containing a lot of food, where they infest a variety of stored food items. The damage caused by these pests is primarily caused by their larvae.

Significant infestations of stored food pests can lead to contamination through the presence of silk and excrement; they can cause direct damage to the stored food items.

Warehouse Moth Control

The use of pheromone traps is a successful way to monitor the situation. Applying residual sprays to the building when necessary will eliminate the adult Warehouse Moths that are resting or the larvae that are currently migrating.

To quickly eliminate adult Warehouse Moths, use pyrethrin or pyrethroid space sprays; if there are larvae in food items, fumigation can be used to eliminate them.

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