Commercial Bird Work

Commercial Bird Control & High Level Building Cleaning

Commercial Bird Control & High Level Building Cleaning

A Z Pest control have years of experience in commercial bird control.

The droppings caused by roosting or nesting birds can create a hazardous environment and can cause damage to buildings through guano build up if not properly maintained. Bird control should form part of your building maintenance schedule in order to lower costs in the long term and to keep areas habitable and safe for workers and the public.

With nesting birds, the most common solution is prevention, as most birds' nests are protected by law. In this situation, the best approach is to prevent nesting in winter months, when birds are not nesting, by enclosing spaces, holes and gaps, and applying physical deterrent as necessary.

Much of bird control work is at height and, as such, you can be assured that our teams are fully accredited to access any areas where birds are found. We use either mobile elevated work platforms or rope access techniques to gain access to hard to reach areas.

Our bird control teams are IPAF, IRATA and Confined Space trained to deal with any situation that may arise. Each job is planned and risk assessed to provide a safe system of work and as such you can be assured that safety and quality is paramount when undergoing bird control projects.

We offer full rope access/high level building cleaning and maintenance service. This includes, facade cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, jet washing, sweep downs and hygiene cleans. High level cleaning is often overlooked but in order to prolong a buildings lifespan and avoid costly repairs in the future, high level cleaning should always form an integral part of any maintenance plan. 

Common Forms of Deterrent

Bird netting - This is a popular choice for deterring birds offering a physical barrier to stop birds from accessing certain areas. If installed correctly bird nets are nearly invisible and will last for years. We use 75mm net for gulls, 50mm net for pigeons and 19mm net for smaller birds such as sparrows. 

Bird spikes - Spikes offer a quick and cost efficient means of repelling birds from roosting and sitting on ledges and pipes. Our teams can easily install spikes to most areas and due to the nature of the installation this is often cheaper than netting although will not offer the longevity of bird netting. Spikes however are versatile and can be glued (non-destructive)or fixed to most surfaces or clipped to gutters where birds often enjoy roosting and sitting

Bird Mesh - Meshing is ideal for protecting gaps in bridges, steel work, around solar panels or for smaller gaps where netting is not possible. Its longevity and fast fixing means it can be a quick and efficient solution for deterring birds. 

Post and wire - P&W is used for maintaining aesthetics and covering large areas where rows of spikes would be inefficient and not cost effective. This is often used on flashings atop buildings. Post and wire also offers more longevity over bird spikes.

Cleaning - We offer a full hygiene cleaning service to rid buildings of toxic bird fouling. This can be anything from spaying biocide and scrubbing brick work to full scale jet washing. We also offer a confined space cleaning service.

Why Choose A Z Environmental For Commercial Bird Control?

Why Choose A Z Environmental For Commercial Bird Control?

  • Fast Emergency Call Out
  • Local, Reliable Rapid Response
  • Highly Experienced Pest Controllers
  • Effective Solutions to Bird Problems
  • Affordable Control of Commercial Birds
  • Certified RSPH Standards
  • Registered NPTA Members
  • Environmentally Friendly to Wildlife
  • 5 Star Rated Customer Reviews
  • Discreet Low Cost Service
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Our Qualifications

  • Certified RSPH Standards
  • National Pest Technicians Association
  • 'Think Wildlife' Environmentally Friendly
  • Approved Local Authority Contractor

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