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The common rat has coarse, reddish/brown fur on its back and a light belly, but colour can vary. An adult rat has body length of approximately up to 19 centimetres plus a scaly tail of up to 12 centimetres. They have a blunt nose and small ears.

Common rats live where they can find food, water and shelter. In homes, they can live in loft spaces, wall cavities, cellars or under floorboards although they do not normally live in occupied homes.

In gardens they will burrow in to compost heaps and grassy banks or under sheds, back of ponds and even burrow into rockeries. They are also commonly found living in sewer systems and are good climbers and swimmers.

Rats can transmit many diseases to humans. The main disease they carry is Weil's Disease and Salmonella. This can cause flu like symptoms when bacteria enter the body through cuts in the skin or through contact with contaminated water. They are also carriers of salmonella and rat bite fever amongst others. Apart from transmitting disease, rats can cause damage to buildings and other structures through gnawing and burrowing.

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Rat Control in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside

If you think you have rats, our fully trained pest control technicians will give you advice, survey your home and provide treatment using a safe modern rodenticide approved for use in occupied properties. Although successful treatment is usually achieved over 2-4 days, follow up visits will be made to make sure the treatment has worked. The Pest Control Officer will tell you if further treatment is needed Our officers are able to locate any holes in the property that may be used by pests, but do not carry out repairs. Please make provisions to block these areas if you do not want the pest problem to return.

Based in Stockport, A Z Environmental Services are ideally located to provide rat infestation solutions in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside.

All work is carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices. Our staff are fully qualified to RSPH (Level 2) Award in Pest Management and can carry out a survey and provide a detailed report, itemising our findings, recommendations and the cost of providing this service.

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