Fly Control & Removal

Fly Control & Removal

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Based in Stockport, A Z Environmental Services are ideally located to provide treatments for flies in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and Tameside.

All work is carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices. Our staff are fully qualified to RSPH (Level 2) Award in Pest Management and can carry out a survey and provide a detailed report, itemising our findings, recommendations and the cost of providing this service.

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Common Housefly (Musca Domestica) & Lesser Housefly (Fannia Canicularis)

Disease transmission, food spoilage, and nuisance can pose significant issues in animal units and refuse tips. These problems can be quite severe.

The housefly can be found all over the world, although there are noticeable variations in different regions. These variations can interbreed but still have their own unique behavioural traits. They typically reproduce in decaying plant material or animal excrement.

They thrive in environments that provide suitable breeding conditions, such as decaying, fermenting, or moist organic matter, especially if it is rich in protein. They often inhabit areas where humans reside, whether indoors or in proximity to human activities.

Houseflies are active flyers, extremely mobile, and can cover long distances, making them often linked into human life.

The effects on human life they have include annoyance, food spoilage and disease transmission which can pose significant issues in animal units, refuse tips and more. These problems can be quite severe.

House Fly Control

When suggesting a mix of physical and chemical techniques to combat flies, it is rare to be able to fully prevent their entry to your building.

Enhancing the control can be achieved by caulking window frames and sealing other potential entryways. It can be challenging to apply insecticide in and around inaccessible entry points, such as thatched roofs or beneath tiles or slates. However, in cases where recurring issues have been encountered, dusting access points as a preventive measure can offer some effectiveness.

Once the flies have entered your building, there are various methods available for control. This includes physical techniques as well as a variety of insecticides and formulations. The collected flies can then be disposed of using a vacuum cleaner or in a securely sealed bag, such as the vacuum bag placed inside a polythene bag or a similar container. Alternatively, most space sprays that contain pyrethrins or pyrethroids can effectively kill exposed flies. In specific situations, smoke formulations containing permethrin can also be highly efficient.

Due to fire risks and other dangers, instructions on all product labels must be followed.

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Cluster Fly (Pollenia Rudis)

During the summer months, Cluster Flies peacefully reside outdoors without causing any harm. However, as autumn arrives, they may venture into buildings, typically in lofts and roof spaces, but also normal household rooms too, via windows and other gaps in the building structure. Their purpose for this is to hibernate, in small or large quantities. In larger quantities, the Cluster Fly can cause a huge nuisance for humans.

Cluster Fly Control

Controlling these Cluster Flies can be extremely challenging. Eliminating these flies is done by using a ULV machine in 90% of cases. In areas where we cannot use the ULV machine, we carry out residual insecticidal treatments.

In roof spaces (this continually occurs every year), we provide a cluster fly electric killer that has a large bag underneath to collect the dead flies.


Fruit Flies (Drosophila Spp.)

Usually found outdoors, Fruit Flies may enter indoor spaces for breeding purposes. At a temperature of 30 °C, it only takes 7-8 days for Fruit Flies to breed a new generation. They reproduce by laying eggs on decaying and moist plant matter, fruits, vegetables, sour milk and more. They are known for their rapid breeding cycle.

Although they mainly cause great annoyance to humans, they also have the potential to transmit diseases.

Fruit Fly Control

To keep control over Fruit Flies in your home or business, be sure to keep good hygiene and cover or remove any potential breeding materials mentioned above. There are some sprays available to help eliminate the problem.

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If there is a possibility of bats being present in your premises, please get in touch with us for guidance before taking action.

Why Choose A Z Environmental For Fly Problems?

Why Choose A Z Environmental For Fly Problems?

  • Fast Emergency Call Out
  • Local, Reliable Rapid Response
  • Highly Experienced Pest Controllers
  • Effective Solutions for Fly Problems
  • Affordable Treatment for Flies
  • Certified RSPH Standards
  • Registered NPTA Members
  • Environmentally Friendly to Wildlife
  • 5 Star Rated Customer Reviews
  • Discreet Low Cost Service
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