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Flea Treatment & Removal

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Cat Fleas (Ctenocephalides Felis)

Found on both cats and dogs, Cat Fleas are the most frequent species that humans contact. As adults they are parasitic creatures that have evolved to thrive in the fur of their host, consuming its blood. In contrast, the larvae (a flea at the stage between the egg and becoming an adult) reside either on the floor or in the bedding of the host, nourishing themselves by consuming the faeces (or droppings) left behind by the adult fleas.

Although fleas are commonly regarded as carriers of diseases, there is limited evidence to support the idea that the cat flea transmits any significant illnesses to humans; their bites however can cause irritation and they can stay hidden in buildings for long stretches. In some cases, it can take several hours after a bite for the reaction to show, making it hard to determine the source of the infestation. The larval stages of the Cat or Dog Flea is intermediate host of a tapeworm.

Cat Flea Control

The host animal of the Cat Fleas should only be treated with veterinary products. When vacuuming the host animal, you must dispose of the contents of the vacuum bag afterwards. You must also properly clean or dispose of the bedding and thoroughly treat the floors and carpets cautiously with insecticides, with residual products suggested, especially those containing insect growth regulators. Without thorough cleaning of the whole area, you may risk not eliminating the fleas fully.

Flea infestations should be tackled from multiple angles simultaneously. Firstly, it is important to control the adult fleas while they are either temporarily on the host or in their resting places around bedding, pet baskets, carpets, sofas, and chairs. Using a vacuum cleaner can aid in the treatment by physically removing all stages of the fleas from floors and furnishings, but the contents of the vacuum bag should be promptly and carefully disposed of or burned.

Most control operations will target the cat flea, although there could be involvement from other species. If there is any uncertainty, it is essential to accurately identify the species. The general principles for dealing with most flea species will apply, but they may vary depending on the host's habits. Reports of flea infestations in office buildings can sometimes be traced back to skin irritations caused by static charges, carpet or paper fibres, or delayed reactions to bites obtained elsewhere.

When carrying out flea treatments in heavily infested premises, especially long unoccupied properties, it is advisable to take precautions to prevent being bitten. Fleas can jump vertically up to about six inches, so wearing wellington boots is a sensible measure.


Dog Fleas (Ctenocephalides Canis)

This flea bears a striking resemblance to the cat flea discussed above. These two species share similar physical characteristics and habits. Both fleas can easily hop from one host to another and are not hesitant to bite humans. The Cat Flea is more common in the UK.

Bird Fleas (Ceratophyllus)

Numerous species of Bird Fleas unlike Cat Fleas are mostly host-specific.

The Hen Flea (Ceratophyllus Gallinae) is a prevalent parasite among various wild birds and can occasionally pose a significant issue in poultry farming establishments. It rarely feeds on humans, only doing so when it is hungry.

The Pigeon Flea (Columbicola Columbae) exhibits a higher degree of host-specificity by targeting domestic and feral pigeons. Similar to the Hen Flea, it infrequently feeds on humans.

Rabbit Flea (SpilopsyLLus CunicuLi)

This particular species can be located on both domesticated and wild rabbits, typically staying attached to their ears. In the UK, it serves as the primary carrier of myxomatosis.

Oriental Rat Flea / Tropical Rat Flea (Xenopsy IIa Cheopis)

This particular flea spread the Bubonic Plague across Europe and the UK in the 1300's, resurfacing in the 1660s as the Plague of London, by feeding on infected rodents before biting humans.

The Oriental Rat Flea primarily infects various rodent species, primarily Norway Rats. These fleas pose a significant risk to humans as they readily bite, spreading diseases transmitted by rodents. While there are some variations in their life cycles compared to the cat flea and human flea, the Oriental Rat Flea shares similar habits and principles. One notable difference is that this species tends to spend most of its time on its host compared to the Cat Flea.

Cable Bugs

Bites from Cable Bugs can often occur in open-plan offices with synthetic nylon carpets, electrical equipment, and a dry atmosphere.

Despite thorough searches conducted by pest control technicians, biting insects are rarely discovered. The most common explanation for this is the accumulation and subsequent discharge of static electricity. Static electricity can build up on employees and is instantly discharged when they come into contact with a conductive surface, resulting in the sensation of being bitten on the leg. Additionally, irritation may be caused by small fragments of paper or particles of fibreglass from air conditioning filters.

To address this issue, control measures can be implemented such as the use of anti-static mats or sprays. Another effective solution is to increase the humidity levels within the office. It is important for technicians to refrain from applying insecticides unless there is concrete evidence of biting insects present.

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Why Choose A Z Environmental For Flea Problems?

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